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Welcome to the home of the Simlock Remote Server. Our servers (a cluster of servers) serve various gsm unlock solution all over the world and via this website we offer our products to you, the end users. By cutting out the middle man we offer you the best prices. Various professional unlock tools used by mobile service centers all over the world have incorporated our solutions due to it's high quality, stability and ease-of-use and always offering the latest solutions for safe unlocking and repairing.

Trusted by many
Our servers are currently unlocking about 1000 phones per day which means over 25.000 phones per month! You simply can't go wrong with Simlock Remote Server.

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This website is our home but we have multiple brand specific daughter websites:
- Unlock @ Home -
- (soon)
- (soon)

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Paypal is the world's most popular payment methods for online purchasing. It offers a 100% secure environment to make your purchase and protects your private data. Using Paypal you can use local Bank Transfer, all mayor credit cards and of course your Paypal funds. Paypal offers special protection with their buyer safety protection program. Orders done via Paypal are delivered instantly. Of course Simlock Remote Server is fully Paypal verified.
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TrialPay is a new very cool payment method, well we should say 'payment method' because using this method you actually do NOT PAY anything for our product.
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How does it work?; you complete an offer listed on their page (following the TrialPay get it free button). This offer can be anything (and are mostly 100% free offers, called trial offers) from your favorite big companies like Amazon, banks, baby store you name it and this company will pay our product for you!

Why do they buy our product for you?
For several reason but mostly for 'branding' (making their brand better known so you are more likely to buy products at their websites / shops later on) and to try out new products / services. These big companies have huge marketing budgets so it is no problem at all for them to pay our product for you! Shop smart and enjoy your product for free!